Airtel Xstream Box

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The Xstream Box supports 4K with HDR and 5.1 Surround Sound for supported apps. As you know currently only Netflix,Youtube & Prime support it. Flawless streaming using Wifi.

It has a stronger wifi module as compared to the firestick. My TV is located far from the router, firestick fails to play in HD most of the time while this plays HD from the start.(Helpful for those with weak wifi signals)

Nifty Little Remote Control With Mic (uses Google Assistant) Has a dedicated button.

Dedicated Buttons for Netflix, Youtube & Prime Video as well.The dial acts as arrow keys and is good to scroll around as well as for forward and rewind.

The Volume Buttons, mute and av button can be mapped to the tv remote making it a kind of universal remote like other stbs have.

Live button switches to live tv instantly.

The recording functionality is disabled right now.

Ports- 1xSattelite(DTH Input) 1xHDMI, 1xOptical, Ethernet,RCA and USB( the usb can play content from pen drive using vlc)

There is a usb port and a micro sd card slot on the side as well.

Supports HDMI CEC.

Has Bluetooth Connectivity which allows to connect bluetooth headphones and speakers. Other accessories like keyboard and mouse might also be supported.

t displays the shows/movies you can continue watching from the xstream content.

Talking of the content offering by the Xstream. Its not an app rather its integrated into the OS.

Content from HOOQ, Eros Now,Zee5,ho¡cho¡, hungama play, ALTBalaji and some labeled as Xstream was there.Content from Sony LIV was nowhere to be found.

No TV Channels can be streamed as opposed to the mobile tv app which has live channels.

Moreover the picture quality of the xstream content has only 3 quality settings - Low/Medium/Auto resulting in not so good picture inspite of a 40 mbps speedtest result on the box.A setting for High Quality would have been welcome. ( Picture Quality is subjective)

On the other hand the picture quality of the other OTT apps is pretty good and the fast forward is optimised as well with minimal buffering.

Tested Apps

The picture quality is surprisingly very good. Viewed on a 40” HDTV on which the previous HD box was connected and difference was immediately noticeable.

This image though is from a 65” 4K TV. I saw up close and no pixelation at all.

SD picture Quality seems to be same as with other boxes , didn’t notice any change.

Those who were doubtful on the quality of OTT apps, I can say they are upto the mark.

Performance is not laggy as of now with 4.4 gb of available storage.Only the above mentioned apps were installed.

Now should you buy it as compared to the firestick 4k, definitely Yes if you are upgrading the set top box as it only cost Rs.3640/-(For Airtel Network users- Rs.2249/-) whereas firestick 4k costs almost 3 times.

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