Amazfit X

Price : INR 24,782

Amazfit X comes with extra-wide curved display, and it fits right into your wrist. It applies the continuous heart rate monitoring system to keep You healthy and maintain records. With a lithium battery, this smartwatch can run for 7 days on a single charge. Amazfit X comes with a clarity with a 326 PPI HD resolution and enhances its expression through a 400 NIT high-brightness display. You can enjoy sharp and bright display even under direct light with Amazfit X.

The Amazfit X fits your wrists perfectly as It’s designed with a 92° curvature. It is designed with “Do Not Disturb” mode which helps you sleep peacefully. it comes with a 6% display area of the smartwatch with a color-rich 2.07” curved display. It has a titanium alloy uni-body which makes the watch extremely lightweight and the design super sleek. This Amazfit X smartwatch stays sleek with a pressure-sensitive sensor that helps you access everything with a press of your finger.

Amazfit X has two Geo-tracking systems on your side: GPS and GLONASS, that means if one system has trouble finding you, the other one will jump in to help. The Amazfit X will give you pinpoint accuracy on your unfamiliar routes. It will track your fitness progress with 9 versatile sport modes. It is water resistant which you can enjoy it while swimming too. With water resistance up to 50 meters. It uses an infrared light test to measure your blood oxygen levels and keeps you healthy .

It tracks you 24/7 to give you accurate, insightful data to help you understand and improve your sleeping patterns. The Amazfit X helps you stay stress-free. These smart watch monitors your heart rate throughout the day and will give you updates on where your stress levels. The watch takes on the responsibilities of a butler, proficiently handling your personal agendas, such as notifying incoming calls or messages and reminding you of sitting too long, not to mention calling for events and schedules.


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