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There's been a quite lot of buzz about true wireless earphones in the market. But Apple's airpods pro is the Pioneer for the premium segment of such kind.

Apple has launched airpods pro in the last quarter of 2019 as a successor to the previous gen airpods but with a lot of upgrades.

Build and design :

Unlike the previous gen airpods the new airpods pro has an in ear design and comes equipped with silicone tips to fit inside ears.

The airpods pro has a little stem like design and a meshed external microphone. The stem comes with pressure sensitivity so that users can adjust audio by swapping upside down.

The airpods pro looks and feels premium similar to the previous gen airpods.

Apple's own H1 chip.powers the new airpods pro and has 10 audio cores that decreases audio processing latency and enables real the active noise cancellation.

Major upgrades :

One of the major upgrades from the last gen airpods was active noise cancellation mode feature alongside ambient noise cancellation feature named transperency mode.

The silicone tips fits comfortably inside the ears to block outside sound in active noise cancellation mode.

Added Sweat and water resistant.

To switch between the two modes you need to long press the stem of either of the airpods.

Working of active noise cancellation :

Airpods pro has two microphones on the either sides. The external microphone detects the outside sound and then counters it with equal anti-noise and cancels the external sound before you hear it.

The internal microphone then listens inside your ear for unwanted sound, which is also eliminated with anti-noise.

Sound quality :

The airpods pro sound a lot better than the previou gen airpods but didn't sound good as the premium Sony and Bose wireless earphones.

Airpods pro comes with an adaptive equaliser that automatically tunes the sound according to the shape of the ear for rich and consistent listening experience.

Charging and Battery life:

Apple stated that airpods pro lasts 4.5 hours on a single charge and with the charging case you can get a listening time of upto 24 hours if the charging case is fully charged. airpods pro will give a listening time of 1 hour if charged for 5 minutes.

Connectivity :

Connectivity has been the standout feature of Apple's airpods pro and had a biggest edge over the competition till they have adopted to the same.

Just if you pop the lid of the airpods pro open and press the button on the case the Apple iPhone will detect the airpods and will walk you through the setup orocess. Once if you connect your airpods pro from the next time if you open the lid your iPhone will automatically connect with the airpods pro.

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