ASUS Chromebook Tablet (CT100PA)


ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100 is best the choice for a more intuitive learning experience. You can make videos to explore the world around you and build communication skills, experience augmented reality to bring learning to life in new ways, or collaborate with others next to you or miles away.

It has a compact size, built-in pen holder and ergonomic design. It let you learn and teach in a way that’s as flexible, agile, and unique as you.

It is built to endure intensive use, whether it’s an accidental drop or a science experiment gone wrong. Its four exterior edges and corners are protected by a tough rubber bumper. It reduces the impact of physical shocks to ensure critical components are always safe and sound. It also comes with a tough micro-dimple textured finish which makes you not to worry about scratches or fingerprints.

It is built to surpass demanding military-grade MIL-STD-810G durability standards, and it’s also stress-tested to pass stringent ASUS quality tests. The tests include operation in harsh environmental conditions. It includes extremes of altitude, temperature and humidity along with physical vibration and shock tests designed to mimic rough day-to-day handling.

This tablet is compact and portable. It weighs only 506g and the micro-dimple finish makes it easy to grip, so you’ll want to bring it with you everywhere from your home to the classroom. You can take it anywhere and explore everywhere.

It also includes a Wacom EMR Pen for an effortless and natural writing experience. The handy built-in pen-holder keeps it safe and secure, too.


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