iPhone 12 may come without a Charger or EarPods in the box

There will be at least $50 (roughly Rs. 3,700) price hike in iPhone 12 when compared to iPhone 11 despite not having a charger or EarPods in the retail box, suggests analyst Jeff Pu. The increased cost may be because of the upcoming iPhone's OLED screen and 5G support. Several reports have suggested that the upcoming iPhone series may come without a Charger or EarPods in the box

As per the reports, the upcoming iPhone 12 will start at $749 (roughly Rs. 56,300) with a 5.4-inch display and this would be at least $50 (roughly Rs. 3,700) more than the price of iPhone 11. MacRumors report also suggested that the iPhone 12 might begin at $799 (roughly Rs. 60,000) or $849 (roughly Rs, 63,800) with 6.1-inch version. Considering Apple's current iPhone series, iPhone 11 comes with an LCD screen, whereas iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with OLED screens.

Depending on the model, tipster Job Prosser suggests that iPhone 12 pricing may range from $649 (roughly Rs. 48,700) to $1,099 (Rs. 82,600). Apple conducted a customer survey earlier this month where it asked iPhone users several questions about how the charging adapters were being used. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 12 this fall and However, no date has yet been announced.

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