Is it the right time for pixel 4a ?

Google is gearing up for the launch of Google pixel 4a smartphone as a successor to pixel 3a. The leaked specifications shows that pixel 4a will be equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730 processor and will sport a 5.81 inch full HD+ OLED display with a 8 MP punch hole camera and a 12.2 megapixel sole camera at the rear. Pixel 4a appeared on french online retail shop

in just black and blue colours with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and will be powered by 3080 mAH battery.

But the question is will it be able to survive the tough competition from the upcoming OnePlus Nord and the already available iPhone SE2. With an average processor that can't even handle high graphics consistently for an hour or two and an average battery life it can't win in that market if priced over 400$.

Google's recent acquisition of Fitbit can help Google to bring in some new smartwatches that might run on Google's wear OS which can compete with industry leading Apple watches. But Google's own pixel smartphones have failed to impress many consumers because of relatively high prices compared to the smartphones that packs similar specifications. Pixel smartphones run on stock android and camera performance is the standout feature for the pixel smartphones. Google doesn't rely on megapixels for great image quality but Google's software optimizations makes the image better.

Google announced that it will use intel's processors in its upcoming flagship phones aiming to bring the prices down. Google skipped the pixel 4 in India because the radar it has used in pixel 4 exceeded the permitted range and had lost some potential consumers. Google didn't even launch its pixel buds in India and it's been a long time since the launch of pixel 3 in India. Google might be desperate to launch the pixel 4a in India soon but can it make any difference is the real question. We will have to wait until the launch to get all the questions answered.

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