Hey Guys, This is Sanith from Top10Gadgets now I’m back with an extremely good product from the same previous category of Earbuds which are literally truly wireless. As of now many companies are trying to enter very competitive truly wireless earphone market. But, This company made a very good strategy with their product and have very crucial advantage in this world Jeopardy. Ok then, Let me Introduce LG HBS-FN6 and LG HBS-FN4.For this product Meridian a long lasting partner of LG in audio devices made key features in it. Now we will get into this product, It has canal-type design delivers a more comfortable fit than other earbuds irrespective of ear size and comes two stylish colours Matte Black and Glossy White. When it comes to sound Quality it has an Equalizer and Four Built-in modes i.e, Natural, Balanced, Immersive, Bass Boost and Treble Boost based upon the Audio played. It also has a Noise Cancellation feature same as other products.

Here comes the special part “Self Sterilized” charging case. In model the top variant i.e., HBS-FN6 comes with a sterilized case which cleans the microbes in the ear tips and inner mesh when kept in case for charging. On a single charge of earbuds gives 6hrs of playback and the most intresting part is 5minutes of charge gives 1hr playback and more over charging case can charge earbuds 3times upto the mark.

As similar to other earbuds has touch playback and call controls.These earbuds has IPX4-Water and Dust resistance and comes AI Google Assistant for android ,Siri for Apple.

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