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Nokia has launched the remastered version of our old XpressMusic which was sensational and extensively sold handset in the Era of establishment in Telecommunications. Nokia has not been active since few years due to certain reasons but considering this new aesthetic version of XpressMusic it seems that Nokia is starting from the basics and making people a bit nostalgic.

Lets have a look at its specifications shall we!

As the name suggests XpressMusic, it comes with powerful dual font-facing speakers it can utilized by MP3 and FM radio. They have launched in two color combinations White/Red and Black/Red. It has 2MP camera with flash and prolonged battery of 1200mAh, Apparently there is an inference that this device has battery life upto 30-days(stand-by) as it is certainly expected from Nokia.

Furthermore, handset has streamline design as it has curves at the edges and the sides have a rubber finish for a gentle grip so that it never slips from your hand. Sadly the network connectivity offers only GSM :(

There is a MicroSD card slot support upto 32-GB and Internal Storage upto

16-MB which is typically similar to the old one!

It has its own famous tagline "Never Miss A Beat" which definitely has history. In this era of smartphones, smartwatches, utility trackers etc. It seems peculiar that Nokia has launched this keypad phone with minor improvements, doesn't it?

only Nokia knows it!. Yet this phone will be extensively used in rural areas of India, in my opinion. But yeah! we cannot forget the fact that Nokia was once a monopoly in mobile phones sector.

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