OnePlus launched Budget TV's in India, Prices starting from Rs.12,999

Two Television series of OnePlus was launched in India. Those are the U series and Y series. Y series are available at 32-inch and 43-inch models. OnePlus has launched only one U series TV. All these three TV's runs on Android TV 9 pie.

Y series OnePlus TV's starting from Rs.12,999 and the single U series OnePlus TV price is 49,999. Based on variants, they are different sizes, features and resolutions.

Y series OnePlus TV's comes in two sizes - 32-inch and 43-inch models. 32-inch OnePlus Y series TV comes with HD resolution (1366x768 pixels) and 43-inch OnePlus Y series TV comes with full-HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). As I said above U series OnePlus TV is available only in one variant that is a 55-inch model with ultra HD (3840x2160 pixels) resolution. All these three TV's has access to Google Assistant, Google Chromecast and Google Playstore for downloading apps. The 32-inch Y series OnePlus TV is a budget smart TV. Considering the OnePlus brand these TV is the best budget TV under 13k.

The sale of both OnePlus U series and Y series TV's will be starting from 5th July in Amazon and also will be available on OnePlus online store very soon.

Coming to the OnePlus TV specifications and features

Starting with OnePlus Y series TV's, this TV's are available at budget prices. These OnePlus Y series TV's comes in 32-inch and 43-inch models. These smart TV's has features like OnePlus connect, Oxygen Play and many more. The sound output of Y series TV is 20W with Dolby Audio tuning.

Coming to U series OnePlus TV, this is available in only one variant that is 55-inch with Ultra HD resolution (4K LED) and supports Dolby Vision HDR format. In terms of specifications, this OnePlus U series is similar to OnePlus Q1 TV and OnePlus Q1 pro TV. The difference between these series is that U series having LED display whereas Q1 series has QLED display.

U series OnePlus has 93 percent colour gamut on DCI-P3, which is mostly used in cinema halls. The screen to body ratio of OnePlus U series TV is 95 percent and has a thickness of 6.9mm near the edges. Through the short keys in the remote, it has access to Netflix, Amazon prime video and Google Assistant. The sound output of U series TV is 30W four-speaker setup with Dolby Atmos audio. In Bluetooth stereo mode, it has the ability to use Television as a wireless speaker.

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