Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

Samsung's note 20 ultra might bring in some new changes to the note series.

All the new leaks confirms that Samsung's premium flagship series will use Qualcomm's  Snapdragon 865+ for the US version but only time can tell weather the UK and Indian units will be shipped with the same processor.

The leaked specs states that Samsung's note 20 ultra will be the first phone to be equipped with an LTPO(low temperature polycrystalline) display.

Note 20 ultra will have a 120Hz 2k display that can support 120 Hz at 2k resolution simultaneously.

The camera will also have some new options and it will also have a new S pen that comes with new features.

Samsung also narrowed the bezels on both sides by 0.29 mm. The punch hole diameter is reduced by 1 mm and the thickness is also reduced by 0.3mm.

The new S pen will only have a 9 ms latency equalling the Apple pencil's latency.

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