Samsung Sound Tower, Soundbar Speakers Launched in India

Samsung has launched its lineup of 2020 sound devices in India. The upcoming launched speakers come with the world’s first Atmos technology. They are designed to be a party speaker. The Sound Tower gives an output of up to 1,500W along with fun features includes Karaoke, LED Party Lights and DJ effect. The Q Series Soundbar creates a unique surround sound from the TV and the Soundbar simultaneously. The T Series Soundbar can be easily connected to a TV through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and offers a crisp 3D surround sound. All these devices will go on sale from July 16(tomorrow).

Samsung Sound Tower, Q Series and T Series Soundbar price in India

The Samsung Sound Tower will come in two variants – the MX-T70 is available for Rs. 42,990 and the MX-T50 is available for Rs. 29,990. The Q Series Soundbar will be available in four models – the HW-Q950T is available for Rs. 1,39,990, the HW-Q900T at Rs. 1,03,990, the HW-Q800T at Rs. 53,990, and the HW-Q60T at Rs. 35,990.

The T Series Soundbar will come in seven variants – the HW-T650 is available at Rs. 35,990, the HW-T550 at Rs. 25,990, the HW-T450 at Rs. 19,990, the HW-T420 at Rs. 16,990, the HW-T400 at Rs. 10,990, the HW-T45E at Rs. 19,990, and the HW-T42E at Rs. 16,990.

From tomorrow, all the devices and their models will be available on the Samsung Shop online and select Samsung Smart Plaza retail stores. The HW-T42E will be exclusively available on Flipkart whereas the HW-T45E will only be available on Amazon. Through ICICI Bank and Federal Bank debit and credit cards,

customer can also get a 10 percent discount.

Samsung Sound Tower features

It is designed for in-home entertainment and social gatherings. It comes with a Bi-directional Sound feature which helps the audio disperse evenly over a wider range. It also has features such as Dynamic Bass, DJ effect, Karaoke, LED Party Lights among others. The audio output ranging from 500W to 1,500W. The MX-T70 variant also offers an inbuilt 10-inch woofer that includes an enhanced bass performance. The speakers come with splash-proof.

Samsung Q Series Soundbar features

It comes with Samsung's signature Q-Symphony technology that enables both the TV and the Soundbar to work simultaneously, results a fuller surround sound. It also has features like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology that offers a complete 3D audio flow around the listener. They also offer a Game Mode Pro setting which automatically detects when the TV is connected to a gaming console.

Samsung T Series Soundbar features

By using Bluetooth, two different mobile devices can be connected to the T Series Soundbar simultaneously. It offers Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X technology to help create a theatre-like atmosphere in the living room itself.

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