Sony Reon Pocket (wearable air conditioner)


REON POCKET is a product launched by Sony which is a wearable air conditioner.

A new type that allows you to set the temperature according to the individual, by mounting the main body in the pocket at the neck of the dedicated innerwear and operating the smartphone application to cool or warm the body surface of the main body contact part Wearable device.

The temperature of the main unit can be adjusted in four stages by operating the application. You can switch the COOL/WARM/OFF and adjust the temperature with one touch after starting the application. You can immediately adjust to the desired temperature.

REON POCKET is used by attaching the main body to the back pocket of the dedicated inner. When you wear innerwear, the body is designed to fit around your neck, allowing you to cool or warm your neck directly. It is the mechanism of REON POCKET that makes it easy to get a cool sensation because it comes into direct contact with the skin.

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