Wings Powerpods

Price : INR 4,499

The PowerPods are the strongest in Wings’ true wireless earbuds line, being a 2000mAh bump-up from their predecessor, the Touch. Unlike most true wireless devices, the PowerPods charge horizontally in the cocoon-like charging case, which is obviously a little weighted due to the 2500mAh battery in the charging case. It has a comfortable feel in the palm with its matte finish on the case and glossy finish on the display.

The super Tech earbuds are sleek, elegant and when inserted into the ear can be operated just by touch. Each earbud has sensors allowing users to adjust the volume, change songs, answer calls, and use Siri and Google using touch. The new and attractive feature of Digital Display Charging and Power Bank option makes it easier for music lovers to travel with ease. 

Each earbud has a stylish LED light around it which is sure to attract attention. The earbuds definitely live up to its name in terms of music playtime for 5 to 6 hours on a single charge, considerably more than the 2 to 3 hours of playability of most wireless earbuds. Further, the charging case provides up to 8 full charges so users can get a total of up to 30 hours playtime. It is IPX5 water resistant which we can use while workout and comes with a secure fit. It can used as a power bank to charge mobile.


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