Xiaomi's Redmi Mi Earbuds

Xiaomi has its name in india for building products at low cost with good specifications. When it comes to wireless earbuds it is struggling to make its place in the Indian market with its entry of “Redmi AirBuds S” .When it comes to pricing Xiaomi promises to tag them at very affordable level of 1,799 INR(Actually Priced at 1,399 INR in Amazon).

When it comes to Design and Build Quality Xiaomi tried to keep it as small as possible where that made them to accept compromises. The Ear buds are in-ear based design which may not be perfect fit for every ear as it depends on the size of ear belongs to the person (i.e., It may be too tight for a person with small ear size results in hurting the ears. Whereas Coming to the person with large ears it may bound to fall-off easily). Another compromise we need to make while buying these buds that it doesn’t come with touch controls for playback and call functions where they used buttons in place of touch controls which may seems pretty odd for a wireless earbuds. These earbuds also have some positive aspects to remind you that they are not bad as you think.Firstly they have led indicators which denote the battery level and Connection status.

Here we are with Audio Performance now.In terms of Audio Xiaomi had never made compromise in these earbuds. It has concentrated on Rich flavors of different music styles and different frequencies of Low, Mid and High range and it also has Low Lantenccy mode which is really a heart throbe for Gaming people.It has a very good Noise cancellation which is a quite common feature in these days

Another thing is battery which is most important in this Corona Season. As Xiaomi Promises for 12hrs playback on single charge which doesn’t seem pretty good when it comes to real life usage it doesn’t tend to stand more than 8-10 hrs. When Coming to Case it doesn’t have and indicators to determine level of juice in it which is pretty bad that lead to quick damage of battery due to over charging

By considering the above all the Aspects Xiaomi had to make many compromises to enter into indian market with its earbuds which doesn’t seem good. But, When it comes to shifting from Wired earbuds to Wireless earbuds fro the first time it is a preferable choice

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